College Recruitment Consultancy​

Always Prepared

Ever dreamed about playing in front of hundreds of people shouting your name?
Start your path right away!  
We provide the most personalized service in the industry, working together with the client to understand their wants and needs, creating a personalized path on how to make it happen.​

College Placement


 2nd PHASE

College Marketing

  • Marketing to college coaches that fit your criteria

  • Scholarship proposal assistance and guidance

  • Admissions paperwork support 

  • Verbal Commitment and National Letter of Intent support 

  • Visa guidance


College Support

  • College Tips

  • Support throughout college for any concern the student-athlete might have!

  • Free College Transfer

  • Internship Guidance and support 

4th PHASE 

Post Graduation

What is next for you? Find a job? Get a masters? Go Pro? No matter what you choose, we are here to guide you and help you choose the best path.

  • Resume help

  • OPT

  • Pro contracts (new deal applies)

  • Job search guidance 



  • Personalized Plan

 We will build a plan and timeline to help you reach your dream university! 

  • Online Profile

Live on this website for exposure to thousands of coaches across all college divisions!

  • SAT and TOEFL tips and guidance

  • NCAA and NAIA Clearinghouse guidance

  • Highlight video editing 



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